We Can’t Afford Divorce With a Newborn

There probably isn’t a person on the planet that would ever say there is a perfect time for divorce. Divorce is the death of a dream; the closing of a chapter of life, and for most is an emotionally, physically and financially trying time. If you have children it is even more difficult, and if you have a newborn, your struggles are complicated that much further.

Life with a newborn is extremely challenging. A mother is recovering physically from nine months of pregnancy, as well as the childbirth process, and now is facing the struggles of divorce. The expenses alone of either divorce or new parenthood can be enough to break a couple.

The Cost of Divorce

Rather than being seen as one transaction, divorce is more like a process with several levels of expenses. Consider the following:

  • The beginning: initial consultation fees can cost an average of $350 and retainers can be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to $5000 or more. This is just to start the process.
  • The middle: You will have to pay an hourly rate for every bit of time your attorney spends drafting paperwork, going back and forth between you and your soon-to-be ex spouse, and filing paperwork. In addition you may have to pay thousands for a mediator if the court issues an order for mediation.
  • The end: There may be settlement fees, alimony payments, court costs and time spent in court for your attorney, in addition to any fees associated with any and all paperwork and filing that needs to be done.

Can’t Afford Divorce With a Newborn

If you are in a time in your life where you are already financially strained, such as right after having a baby, there are some things you can consider that might ease the struggle:

  • Consider waiting until you can afford it.
  • Consider attempting a dissolution.

Columbus, Ohio Divorce Attorney

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