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Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Columbus, OH

A Cooperative Approach to Divorce Disputes

Contrary to popular belief, not every divorce is a battle of words, a bitter fight over who gets the house, or a prolonged courtroom drama. For some couples seeking to end their marriage, divorce can be an amicable, relatively stress-free process.

At the Law Offices of William L. Geary, our divorce mediation lawyers in Columbus strongly believe in the divorce mediation process. Although we are experienced and successful litigators, we frequently suggest mediation as a viable option for our clients. Collaborative family law dispute resolution saves divorcing couples time and money—and where children are involved, it can save a lot of heartache, too.

Contact a divorce mediator online or call (614) 289-1227 to discuss whether mediation is right for your situation.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

In mediation, both parties work with a trained mediator, who serves as a neutral third party, to discuss issues.

Mediation allows participants to speak with the mediator about their thoughts, concerns, and values regarding:

Essentially, divorce mediation is a constructive venue designed to help the parties get to the core of the issue, understand each other’s position, and resolve the dispute. An effective mediator helps the parties develop new skills and understand the process of constructively working through areas of disagreement.

How Does Mediation Help?

In mediation, you have the ultimate say over your divorce or dissolution agreement. You can suggest ideas to the mediator and develop or respond to any ideas suggested.

Mediation may not resolve every issue. However, every issue that is resolved in mediation saves the parties in terms of time, money, and emotional stress.

Many people who participate in mediation are very satisfied with the results because they had a chance to create their own solutions. Studies have shown that these people are more likely to adhere to the agreements made in mediation; this means that they may be less likely to return to court in the future.

Overall, mediation is an efficient and cost-effective strategy for resolving areas of dispute at the end of a marriage.

Can a Divorce Mediation Agreement Be Changed?

The ultimate goal in divorce mediation is to reach an amicable agreement with your former spouse. This can save the time and expense of going to trial. However, mediation is non-binding. If at any point communication breaks down and negotiations fall through, the case can proceed to trial.

Information revealed during mediation is confidential and cannot be used in the courtroom.

How a Divorce Mediation Lawyer Can Help You

We believe that mediation works best with the assistance of a skilled lawyer. Attorney William L. Geary has mediation experience, having formerly accredited mediators in Franklin County. He is a strong advocate who can help you determine when mediation is right.

Divorce mediation may help you achieve your goals. Attorney Geary is also available to serve as a mediator in cases not involving clients of our firm.

Contact our Columbus mediation attorneys at (614) 289-1227 to discuss your family law concerns.

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