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Law Offices of William L. Geary strives for client satisfaction! We have many happy clients who would love to share their stories with you. Take a look and read all of our testimonials below. If you are ready to start your service, please call us today at 614-289-1227.

      "You will not be disappointed!"

      Unfortunately, I have an ex-wife that never stops wanting to take me to court in hopes for more money. Mr. Geary has always stood firm and represented me in a fact based, no drama manner. He is honest and trustworthy, and aggressively supports his clients with such integrity. I sincerely appreciated how he supported me with great passion during our depositions and through the negotiations. Bill's high level of experience afforded him the ability to manage my case with precision and guide me accurately through the entire process. I also appreciated his calm approach, which makes you feel like everything is going to be ok, despite the circumstances. If you are able to secure Bill as your lawyer, I'm certain you will not be disappointed!

      Former Client
      "I can't thank them enough"

      Bill (and his staff) always kept us informed, responded quickly to our emails and questions, and even took time away from his own vacation to help make sure we knew what was happening with our custody case. He made it easy to trust him, because he showed us that he could be trusted. Knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, confident, realistic: these are just a few words I would use to describe him. And, don't forget "funny". Having a good laugh during a very difficult and stressful process, is much appreciated! We couldn't have asked for a better attorney.

      I now have a house full of very happy children, a husband who's comforted knowing his son is home with us where he belongs, and a very optimistic outlook on our future. And it's all thanks to Bill and his amazing crew. I can't thank them enough.

      "His performance was flawless in every respect"

      • I hired Mr. Geary to help me with what had been until that time an extremely long (approximately six years from inception), difficult (very expensive, with little to show for it), and acrimonious interstate case involving child support, custody, visitation, and multiple contempt of court actions. At the time, I felt that my chances of getting to court at all, much less winning were next to hopeless, based upon my previous progress. Mr. Geary was one of a few lawyers whom I contacted via email based on strengths of compared resumes and he responded via phone immediately. He reviewed the facts of my case and gave me what I felt, and still feel was a very honest assessment of the situation from a legal options available point of view. Once retained, Mr. Geary went about my case conscientiously, methodically, and with what I felt was exemplary professionalism. It was soon apparent to me that Mr. Geary is very detail-oriented, not one to leave anything to chance, and is one to do his homework. While under my charge, Mr. Geary, for example, was aware of and concerned with not only winning our case, but also on winning any follow-on appeals, demonstrating to me an ability to think ahead such that a win now would not be lost later on some administrative technicality. He served me invaluably and compassionately as a counselor, giving me his best, unvarnished estimate of our chances, and clearly kept my desires at the forefront of his efforts. I always felt that Mr. Geary and I were a team, communicating and collaborating constantly, via email, phone, and in person to the point such that I came to consider him less of an attorney on retainer and more of a trusted friend. I still consider him as such. When it was finally time to argue our case in court, Mr. Geary was obviously very well prepared himself, and took the time to ensure that I felt so as well through rehearsals, mock questioning, and war-gaming. He argued our case brilliantly, using a mixture of written, taped, and photographic evidence as well as the testimony of expert witnesses. His performance was flawless in every respect. I could not have asked for a better effort, one that was clearly worth much more than for what I had paid him. Child custody cases are serious business and can be emotionally charged in the extreme, but Mr. Geary maintained a wonderful balance of being empathetic with my situation as a counselor, while at the same time being a quiet, yet doggedly tenacious litigator. His handling of our adversary, once finally in court was masterful to the point of being almost entertaining. He doesn't engage in loud theatrics and showboating in the courtroom as if on TV. He instead is the calm, cool, level-headed professional, prepared in every aspect for every possible eventuality and was never surprised. His blend of being a gentleman with genuine feelings for the plight of his clients coupled with his unlimited willingness to do whatever is needed to help them permeates his staff, with whom I was also extremely pleased and regard very fondly. There are few things in life more important or precious to most of us than our children, and I can think of no better, higher, or stronger endorsement than to say I trusted Bill with the welfare of my only daughter and would do so again willingly, without reservation and, further, I would recommend him unhesitatingly to anyone in need of similar services. Mr. Geary is simply an outstanding attorney and an even better person in whom I am extremely well pleased. Excellent in every respect.

      Former Client
      "I could never thank Stacey enough for her genuine care and dedication to my case."

      I worked specifically with Stacey Gilbert regarding matters of a child visitation case. I had a very fragile case and Stacey did everything to make me feel confident in our case, as well as safe and in good hands. I could never thank Stacey enough for her genuine care and dedication to my case. Stacey proved to be extremely intelligent and well informed regarding her area of law. I am very thankful for the work that was done on my case. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of William L Geary Co., LPA.

      Former Client
      "Made the entire process very easy to understand"

      I was very pleased with Bill and Tracy. I did a consultation will Bill and after being educated about the divorce process I knew I was in the right firm. I hired Bill's partner Tracy who made the entire process very easy to understand and knew every move to make in order for it to be as fast as possible. I would highly recommend working with Bill or Tracy!

      Former Client
      "Kind and thoughtful about my unique situation"

      Tracy did excellent job representing me throughout my divorce case. He kept me well informed and was very knowledgeable about my rights concerning family laws and property settlement. He was kind and thoughtful about my unique situation as parent to disabled children and handled my case with efficiency, sensitivity and professionalism.

      Sally B.
      "Always advocated for "the child's best interest""

      Bill helped me with a contentious divorce that involved parental rights and responsibilities for a special needs child. He always advocated for "the child's best interest."

      Former Client
      "Sharp, understanding, quick but calm"

      I would recommend this attorney to anyone in my family or friends. He is the best. Before I worked with Mr. Geary with a very complicated and contested divorce case, I had also worked with other attorneys. He is sharp, understanding, quick but calm, well managed schedule, and effective. I feel my case was well handled and the outcome was well desired.

      "I would highly recommend Mr. Geary"

      I reached out to Mr. Geary to help me unpack a complex divorce case that involved a pre-nup. He was actually the 3rd attorney that I sought advice. I was most impressed with Mr. Geary's thoroughness and compassion as I was discussing my case. He even offered to answer questions for me after our consultation - and indeed, he did! No other attorney came close to the level of detailed advice that he offered. Even though I'm not pursuing a contested divorce, I would highly recommend Mr. Geary as an outstanding attorney to consider.

      Teresa D.
      "Blessed to have William Geary as my attorney"

      At the time of my divorce, a dad with two children (that now live with me) i have been Very Blessed to have William Geary as my attorney, and would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone.

      "You can't go wrong"

      I really trust this attorney. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a top divorce attorney. He is also knowledgable in other point of law. I truly feel you can't go wrong.

      "Extremely thorough, honest, and was always available"

      William Geary did a great job for me. He is extremely thorough, honest, and was always available to me at all times and I highly recommend he and his firm.

      "He is responsive and very good to work with."

      Bill did a great job for me in a case involving a DOPO. The attorney who originally had the case did not handle it correctly and it had to be completely redone. Bill had quite a mess to deal with and he did a great job on a very complex case. He is responsive and very good to work with. I would highly recommend him.

      Former Client
      "A true gem in the business of Law."

      I was referred to Bill from my personal Attorney to handle my divorce. I could not have asked for a more professional man to handle my case. I needed someone to first of all listen to me, as well as understand my concerns for my family as well as my best interests. As a Professional I had business concerns as well as maintaining my reputation and Bill did not disappoint. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome of my case. He was my attorney and now consider him a friend, I strongly recommend Bill Geary when selecting an attorney for any marital or family matters.

      "EXCELLENT is the word"

      Attorney William Geary, is an excellent Attorney. What he did for my family involving a child abuse case was outstanding. I would recommend William Geary one hundred present. Very good is not the words for Mr Geary, EXCELLENT is the word. Thank you.

      "I would not trust anyone else with representing me!"

      Bill is highly knowledgeable, dependable, and always answers your emails, phone calls, etc. promptly. He has helped me achieve the outcomes that I have sought in my cases by offering sound advice, as well as being truthful in what to expect with my situation. I would not trust anyone else with representing me!

      Former Client
      "Always honest and up-front about everything"

      Bill Geary handled my divorce/custody case with exceptional professionalism and expertise.
      Our case had a number of unique points dealing with international custody, and Bill was able to gather significant resources for our case and provide valuable guidance that put us in an advantageous position when the case went to court. His knowledge and experience of the court system and how it works was both impressive and reassuring to us and was instrumental in helping us to navigate successfully through the long and difficult legal process.
      He was always honest and up-front about everything (even about things that you may not want to hear) and responded promptly to all communications. His fee may be a little higher than others, but it is very fair and was money well-spent.

      "He is a wealth of knowledge!"

      Me Geary is a very thorough and engaged attorney. He is a wealth of knowledge! I would highly reccomend Mr. Geary.

      This was my second attempt at getting my custody case resolved as the first attorney was not able to get me what was best for myself and my child. Mr. Geary went above and beyond to get the best results.

      "Very up front and honest about my options"

      Mr. Geary is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer, which is not always synonymous with such a profession. I'm always impressed with his attentiveness and responsiveness, even after normal business hours. In fact, he called and replied to my emails while on his vacation after reviewing my documents and answered all of my legal questions. My situation with my ex-wife was/is nothing short of absurd, but Mr. Geary was very up front and honest about my options, the legal system and process for handling certain situations. He always has my interests in mind and always works to support what is right...and does not back down. Unlike my past legal counsel, Mr. Geary is always prepared and looks at the case from every angle, researches every bit of information and works with me to make sure I understand everything and am satisfied. With his vast experience and direct approach, he will not disappoint nor waste your money.

      "He is knowledgeable and very capable"

      Attorney Geary helped me through some tough marital issues. He is knowledgeable and very capable. I continue to recommend him to individuals who need representation on domestic issues.

      "Excellent professionals!"

      Excellent professionals.

      Carla Z.
      "Absolutely brilliant and his fee was very fair"

      Bill was very attentive and listened carefully to my case. He "rolled up his sleeves", went to work and got the best possible solution to my problem. He was absolutely brilliant, and his fee was very fair. I would recommend him to anyone.

      "I cannot say enough good about the entire office"

      The entire office was completely professional, helpful and demanded such a high level of respect. It was halfway through my case when I switched to Bill. At my initial consult I knew that he was amazing when he was able to validate my concerns but give me applicable solutions to address these concerns in court. There was a complete shift in the case. Originally, I was stressed overwhelmed and constantly felt like I had to check and double check on everything. For example, with my original attorney, the discovery that was turned in was a pile of receipts in a manila envelop, however, after Bill took over the case we actually received real discovery. Bill was completely fair and selfless when he acknowledged that my case was best served outside the court and recommended us to a parent coordinator, which saved my sanity and thousands of dollars. The entre staff was available, competent and always put me at ease. I cannot say enough good about the entire office.

      "10 out of 10 exceptional!"

      At the end of my first visit with Bill i was extremely impressed with him and his staff a year and a half later still extremely impressed! At all times i felt as my situation was as important as if it were his own family. Bill had every answer everytime and an idea as to how to approach each situation. Bill is the most thorough and knowledgeable atty. I have ever met he leaves nothing to chance. This guy is truly a hero to My kid and me achieving what i thought was the impossible. U will not be disappointed with Bill and his staff i am eternally gratefull to all of them! 10 out of 10 exceptional!

      "I cannot say enough great things about Brittany and The Law Offices of William L. Geary."

      I cannot say enough great things about Brittany and The Law Offices of William L. Geary. Brittany represented me through a very stressful, convoluted, and drawn out custody dispute with more drama than I thought I could endure. I felt like I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown after fighting tooth and nail for almost 2 years to see my daughter more consistently to play an active role in her life. I almost gave up hope but I reached out to the Law Offices of William L. Geary and thank god I did. Thanks to Brittany's calm demeanor, amazing communication style, consistency, decisiveness, intelligence, attentiveness, strategy, and incredible hard work.. those feelings of overwhelming stress and anxiety have been replaced with pure happiness and relief. You can't put a price on that. I am now able to be an active father to my daughter and I haven't stopped smiling since! I literally cannot convey how truly grateful I am for all of the hard work that was put into this case; there isn't a combination of words that can truly describe how much this means to me and how thankful I am! If anyone wants to find an attorney who is genuine, will fight for you, and doesn't overpromise and underdeliver.. get in contact with The Law Offices of William L. Geary. Thank you so much!

      Cory B.