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False Accusations Or Testimony In Columbus Area Child Custody Cases

False Accusations or Testimony in Columbus Area Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases in Ohio can become quite emotional, and are often the most contentious component of divorce cases. The perspective of more than 35 years of experience as an Ohio child custody and family law attorney has helped me to develop a unique perspective on the impact of false accusations or testimony in Columbus area child custody cases.

Most adults understand the impact of drug or alcohol abuse, criminal activity and physical abuse and violence on the lives of children. The State of Ohio intends to protect the children of divorce from these forces, and other behaviors that are not in the “best interests of the child.”  However, in the heat of child custody cases I have observed situations where false accusations of child abuse, sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse and criminal activity have been used in an attempt to manipulate child custody and parenting rights orders.  Accusations of abuse, neglect or domestic violence have been used to attempt to change the balance of power between spouses who wish to hurt their former spouse, or simply take full custody of the children.

False allegations can result in time consuming and expensive litigation, lost employment, criminal charges and other disruptive events that destroy the lives of the parties involved while having a profound impact on the children. I can also tell you after more than 37 years of experience when falsely accused parents hang in there the truth almost always comes to light and the party making false allegations often suffers substantial legal consequences.  I would argue that a parent who is willing to make false allegations in an attempt to manipulate child custody actions is harming the life and best interests of their child, and is this not an abuse in and of itself?

Children are gifts, not possessions or chips to be used to inflict pain or revenge on a former partner.  The controversial subject of false accusations or testimony in Columbus area child custody cases has been exhaustively researched, and there is a significant body of Ohio law on the subject.  Almost all Ohio Courts start from the perspective that it is in the best interests of a child to spend “quality time with each parent.”  Most magistrates and judges are looking for a 50%-50% split in parenting time and custody unless there are genuine, compelling issues such as abuse, criminal activity or violence.  We all want to protect children from harmful violence, abuse, neglect and criminal activity.  As an attorney, I want to protect the “best interests” of every child and to ensure that their physical and emotional health are protected.

Usually, this means spending the same amount of quality time with each parent after a divorce.


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