How Has Technology Helped to Make Divorce in Columbus Easier and Less Expensive?

There have been many recent changes in technology that make divorce in Columbus easier and less expensive than 10 or 20 years ago. Divorce is obviously an emotional and stressful time in anyone’s life, and our law office works to ease as much of the burden as possible for our clients.  Anything we can do to make the experience more efficient, simpler for our clients and less expensive will make their overall experience easier to bear.

Examples of technology’s impact exist at every stage of the process. The advancement in scanners and online signature technology has simplified the process of exchanging documents, reviewing updates and changes and eliminating trips into our office to review or sign paperwork.  Divorce and dissolution in Columbus are easier and less expensive at every step in the process, from the initial fee agreement through the organization of debt and asset documentation, document review, and even the scheduling of appearances before the Court.

Research into records of real estate and business ownership, as well as public record searches that used to be conducted at the courthouse itself are now easily completed online. Even communications between our office and other attorneys have grown much faster and more efficient.  Instead of blocking out (and billing for) larger blocks of time to discuss a client’s case with their attorney, we are able to send a quick email or even a text to clarify an issue or exchange ideas on the resolution of an area of disagreement.

I am committed to making the experience of your divorce in Columbus easier and less expensive. The practical impact of technology is a bit profound.  Today, when I am face to face with a client we are talking about important issues and I am able to focus on guiding them through challenges and counseling them on moving through the pain and emotion toward a brighter road ahead.  This is the most valuable service I can offer to my clients, and technology removes much of the organizational tasks we used to have to complete in person so that our time together can be focused on my client and what is happening in their lives.

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