Communicating As Co-Parents

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After filing for a divorce, many people wish to never speak to their ex again. While this may be doable for some couples, this is not the case for every person going through a divorce. Sometimes, a couple will have to continue to be a part of one another’s lives even after a tough separation.

Why? This is most common when a couple shares children with one another. It is important for children to have both parents in their lives if at all possible, and this can be accomplished through co-parenting.

While it can be tough to communicate with your ex after a divorce, it is possible. Law Offices of William L. Geary can give you the tips you need.


First, you should always practice honest and open communication with your fellow co-parent. Keeping secrets or information about your child from them could potentially harm your ability to co-parent in the long run. Of course, certain aspects of your life can remain private, but always exercise honesty when it comes to your children.


Learning to co-parent is a difficult adjustment for all involved. It is important to have an understanding towards your ex-spouse and yourself as you both adjust to your new normal. If you encounter any difficulties, remind yourself that you will both learn and adjust with time. For example, if they need a schedule change or adjustment, lend them understanding as you may need the same in the future.


Patience will also be key for everyone involved. Not only are you learning how to co-parent, but your children are also adjusting to their new normal. They will need patience from both parents as they get accustomed to transitions and other changes.


Communicating with your ex will definitely be difficult at first, but you should do so with respect. Having negative feelings towards them is completely understandable, but avoid directing them towards your ex in front of your children. This could harm your relationship with them and negatively affect your ability to co-parent successfully.

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