How to Successfully Co-parent During Summer Break

Kids and parent at beach.

Summer Vacation Tips For Co-Parents

Summer break is the time for families to bond with each other and for parents and children to explore and do fun activities they couldn’t do during the school year. For co-parents, you may be searching for activities you and your little ones can enjoy during your scheduled visitation.

Here are ways you can keep your co-parenting schedule intact while engaging in fun summer activities you and your children are sure to enjoy!

1. Create a Plan

One of the most important things you can do during your summer vacation is creating a plan that helps you follow your visitation schedule while also having fun. You may not be able to follow your plan completely, so to be safe, create a backup plan of a schedule and activities that will keep your children happy.

2. Invite Your Kid’s Friends

While summer vacation is for you and your kids to bond and spend time together, if your custody order permits it, invite a friend or family member to go on vacation with you. Your children may enjoy having friends or close family there to go on an adventure with and make memories.

3. Share Details About the Trip

Although you may have your own visitation time and schedule, it’s important to share your day-to-day activities with your ex. Keep them in the loop about where your children will be and share any other important information like if your child gets sick during the vacation. Keep communication lines open and share fun stories and memorable moments you experienced with your child.

4. Fun Activities to Try

Here are some ideas you can use to make your next visit one of the best ones yet:

  • Take a tour.

  • Visit a zoo or aquarium.

  • Visit a water park.

  • Visit a theme park.

  • Go to the beach.

  • Go camping.

  • Visit a space museum.

  • Visit a dinosaur museum.

  • Find a fun water activity like kayaking.

  • Visit a famous restaurant.

  • Stay at a themed hotel.

These activities are fun and, in some cases, easy to find.

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