Divorcing Near the Holidays

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Changes are a normal part of life. However, people thrive on their familiar set routines. When these routines change, it can become challenging to find ways to cope. Divorce is a life change that can drastically impact the lives of those around you. Sometimes the decision to separate arises near the holiday season, which can make you question if the timing is correct or not.

Law Offices of William L. Geary is passionate about helping our clients make positive changes in their life. We can help explain why waiting for a divorce is sometimes the right option for a family. However, there are times where it simply cannot wait.

Why Wait?

If you are considering a divorce, you might think to yourself, why wait when I already have my decision made? Well, timing is also key when separating. Furthermore, if you have children, you need to take into consideration what is best for them. Sometimes, it is best to postpone the divorce until the time is right. For example, divorcing during the holidays can impact the family in multiple ways.

Adding Stress To The Pot

The holidays are typically a stressful time of year, even for married couples. There are a lot of different areas of your life that you have to manage and balance at once. For example, you might have to travel long distances to see family, attend holiday events for your children, and plan out wrapping presents. Consider how proceeding with a divorce during this time will add stress to your life. You will have the added worry of navigating paperwork, retaining an attorney, and potentially finding another place to stay temporarily.

Impacting Happy Memories

Perhaps the most important thing to consider with children is that they will remember their holidays. This is a time for them to celebrate the magic of the season. Imagine how the news of separation may alter their perception of this time of year. You don’t want to leave your family members feeling negatively towards the holidays. If you can wait until after the holidays, you can avoid tarnishing these positive memories. Furthermore, if you are planning to divorce and have already solidified your decision, view this as your last regular holiday season to spend with your children. After divorce, you will not always spend all of your time with your children over the holidays. Cherish these happy memories all together while you still can.

When Divorce Has to Happen

While some individuals have the privilege of waiting until after the holidays, there are situations where the divorce should not wait. While it is essential to consider the feelings and memories of your children, you must also consider the safety and wellbeing of your family.

Cannot Put Aside Differences

When you and your spouse cannot put aside your differences despite the holiday season, it may be better to proceed with the divorce. While it may impact memories surrounding the holidays, bickering and fighting with your spouse will also create feelings of stress and worry in your children. If you spend the holidays apart, you can provide your children and family with the energy and positivity that they deserve.

Dangerous Situations

If your spouse poses a threat to you and your children, you absolutely should prioritize safety over the holidays. Consider how you are making the best decision for your children when proceeding with the divorce. Furthermore, an experienced attorney can work with you in granting custody and protection over you and your children. Law Offices of William L. Geary emphasizes the importance of making decisions that are in the best interests of our clients.

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