Can an Unmarried Mother Take Her Child and Leave Ohio?

Unmarried Mothers' Rights & Paternity Matters 

Can an unmarried mother take her child and move out of Ohio without the consent of the baby’s father?  Yes, if the father of the child is unable to establish paternity, than the mother is awarded sole custody and can move if she pleases. If the father wishes to have visitation rights, he then must also obtain a court order.

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Establishing Paternity in Ohio 

First, a little history.  When a child is born to a couple who is married, the State of Ohio assumes the husband to be the baby’s biological father.  When a mother is unmarried, there is a process to legally establish “paternity” – the legal process which identifies the father of the child – after which the father may be granted custody and parenting rights by an Ohio Court but until something happens in court, the mother is the sole legal parent of the child.

If both unmarried parents sign an “Acknowledgement of Paternity Affidavit” at the hospital, and it is properly filed with the appropriate agency, the State of Ohio may recognize a man as the father of a child.  The father’s name will be listed on the birth certificate.

Establishing Custody & Parenting Time 

Even with an Acknowledgement of Paternity, however, the father is still required to seek specific orders from an Ohio Court to establish custody or parenting time.  Without these Court orders, an unmarried father may not be able to stop the unmarried mother of his child from taking the baby and moving away or even have parenting time with the child.

If the mother of the child is not cooperative, or if time has passed since the child’s birth, the process of establishing paternity may become a bit more complex. There is a legal process to establish DNA proof of paternity, after which the father can request Court orders regarding child custody, visitation, and support.

Summary Answer 

When can an unmarried mother take her child and leave Ohio?  At any point in time until the father asserts his legal rights through paternity.  The number of legal variables in these cases are numerous, but it is absolutely possible for an unmarried father to step forward, establish paternity and ask the court for legal custody, visitation and support rights.  

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