We Began the Divorce Process, Now We Want a Dissolution. Is It Too Late?

In Ohio, a dissolution can be a timely and cost effective alternative to divorce. If you have already started the process of divorce, you may still have time to get a dissolution of marriage. Divorce and marriage dissolution are separate legal action, so if you are considering stopping the divorce process and getting a dissolution of marriage instead you should speak to an experienced divorce attorney immediately. Your attorney can help you to determine if dissolution of marriage is still a viable and advisable alternative for your specific situation.

How is Dissolution Different Than Divorce?

A dissolution of marriage can eliminate a large portion of the divorce process and the corresponding expenses. the A petition for dissolution of marriage is not filed with an Ohio court until you and your spouse have already reached complete agreement on every issue relevant to marriage termination. Relationships are complicated and there are many major issues that couples frequently face. Potentially difficult issues that must be agreed upon include:

  • Complete agreement on the division of property, both assets and debts;
  • agreement on all issues related to child custody and visitation;
  • and finally, full agreement on any potential child and spousal support payments.

Children and money are two of the most important day-to-day issues in life. Finding complete agreement on those issues can be tough for anyone. Even in the most amicable of separations it can be a challenge. It is also important to remember that there is no discovery process available during dissolution. Both parties will need to voluntarily exchange all relevant information. While there are clear benefits to a dissolution of marriage in Ohio, it is definitely not right for every separating couple. An experienced and compassionate Columbus family law attorney can work with you and determine if dissolution is the best fit for your circumstances.

Contact a Columbus Family Law Attorney

If you are in the process of divorce and you and your spouse think you might be better off with a dissolution of marriage instead, it is extremely important that you speak with an experienced central Ohio family law attorney today. Time is always of the essence in legal matters, and your personal life will benefit greatly from you taking action. If dissolution of marriage is the right path for you, Ohio law requires very specific language in separation agreements and an attorney can properly prepare this document for you. Contact the Law Offices of William L. Geary to speak to an attorney who can help you make decisions that are best for your situation.

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