My Ex Sabotaged My Career During the Divorce. What Can I Do?

There are probably very few instances where divorce isn’t messy. Without even considering the emotional and economic pain of dissolution of marriage, the divorce process is a hassle. One has to take into consideration the division of assets, division of debts, division of retirement funds, children and even pets. If you own multiple properties together or even businesses, the complication factor can rise quickly.

Some issues are more black and white than others, but what if one party behaves in ways that muddy the water and make what was black and white gray? If one spouse is not being cordial or is blatantly trying to do things to make the other spouse’s life more difficult, a divorce case could turn into another kind of civil dispute, even criminal.

Can your ex sabotage your career?

Essentially, anyone can sabotage your career, and the people closest to you know the most intimate details about you, what is important to you and potentially how to use false allegations against you. It’s one thing to call another person names, but it’s another to make false allegations in the internet or contact an employer, employees, customers, the authorities or the media in order to defame you. Some possible ways a person could do something to be destructive to you or your career could be:

  • Contacting your employer and falsely accusing you of stealing, improper behavior, drug use or other illegal activity—such as bringing home private or protected files
  • Filing for a protective order under false pretenses in order to paint you as a violent or dangerous person
  • Using your credit cards or bank account to make improper purchases in your name
  • Hacking into your computer and using your business electronic mail on your behalf, to steal important corporate documents or intellectual property
  • Downloading pornography into your home or work computer and then reporting you

What to do?

If anyone is attempting to defame you, whether you were formerly married to him or her or not, you must address the situation immediately and strongly. When you have spent a lifetime building a career that is intended to sustain you and your family for years to come, that career and your reputation are worth far too much. What is difficult is figuring out what is legitimately illegal activity, and how to pursue recourse via legal channels. Only an experienced attorney can advise you and take the offense in protecting your career and your reputation.

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