Dispelling Myths About Divorce

People sitting at table with gavel.

These days, divorce is not an uncommon experience. Divorce is something that mos of us have heard about, or we may even know someone who has experienced the process. Many of us know someone that has filed for a divorce or have at least heard stories about the process. Even though it has become more common over the years, there are still misconceptions about divorce. It is important to dispel the myths that surround divorce so that individuals can have a better understanding of the process. The team at Law Offices of William L. Geary is here to do just that.

Myth #1: Divorce is Inherently Contentious

Perhaps one of the most common myths is that divorce is an inherently contentious process. This could not be further from the truth. While it is possible for a couple to go through an argumentative, contested divorce, this is hardly the norm. Many couples are capable of agreeing to file for divorce and can reach an amicable resolution.

Myth #2: There is Social Stigma With Divorce

While divorce was once looked down upon by many individuals, that is no longer the case. Unfortunately, divorce is a fairly common process in this day and age, with many individuals choosing to file rather than stay in an unhappy marriage. While there may be some individuals who would prefer not to file for a divorce due to personal reasons, there is less of a social stigma associated with the process overall.

Myth #3: Courts Will Favor One Side

Oftentimes, people think that in a divorce that one side is ultimately favored over the other. However, this is not true. States do not favor one side over the other outright. Instead, the courts and attorneys work to reach a divorce agreement that is fair for all individuals involved. Furthermore, if the couple has children, they will be put first throughout the divorce, and decisions will be made according to their interests.

Myth #4: You Do Not Need an Attorney

While you can file for your divorce without an attorney, this is not an advisable decision. An attorney can help you avoid critical mistakes in your divorce process and ensure that the best outcome possible is obtained. If you need assistance in Columbus, Ohio, know that the team at Law Offices of William L. Geary is here to help.


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