Co-Parenting Tips for Newly Divorced Couples

Mother and children.

Co-Parenting Tips After Divorce

When you’re going through a divorce and the topic of child custody and visitation arises, you may not know how you will adjust along with your children. Co-parenting may sound like a challenging task — you will have to adjust your normal schedules, work together as a team, and address your children’s needs together.

Our team at Law Offices of William L. Geary wants to help you adjust to your new parenting lifestyle. Keep reading for useful information about how you can make co-parenting an easy transition.

Resolve Conflict in Private

One of the best things you can do to help your new co-parenting relationship with your ex is to have conversations about disagreements away from your kids. Kids pick up on emotions like stress, anger, and frustration.

You can benefit from setting aside any issues you want to speak with your ex about until you can have the conversation in private, away from your children.

Try not to take your conflict to social media. We’re in the age of technology, and social media is accessible to millions of people in a range of age groups. Children have access to social media, whether it be on a device they own or someone else’s. It’s possible they can see any negative messages left on social media pages about you and your ex.

Instead, download co-parenting apps that allow you to communicate with your ex and leave messages about your children during visitation.

Work On Effective Communication

If you’ve had trouble expressing yourself to your ex in the past, you may find it hard to communicate with them in the present or future. It may not seem probable now, but working on peaceful, meaningful, and purposeful communication can make your co-parenting relationship improve in no time.

Communication isn’t just to benefit you and your ex. It can be a teaching tool for the way you communicate with your kids in the future as well. Working together to have meaningful conversations that solve problems and send a clear message is a great way to show that you’re working in the best interests of your children — which is the ultimate goal of co-parenting.

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