COVID-19’s Potential Aftermath on Family Law Cases

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Every person is grappling with the impact of COVID-19. It’s disrupted all aspects of everyday life, from employment to simply going to the grocery store. When the dust finally begins to settle, and families emerge from self-isolation, what can we expect?

At Law Offices of William L. Geary, we’ve heard many questions and concerns from our clients about how their family law case will be impacted. It’s not too soon to begin thinking about COVID-19’s potential aftermath and how it will affect you.

An Expected Baby Boom

We’ve heard about blackout babies, hurricane births, and, most notably, baby boomers. Can we expect the same nine months from now? With orders to shelter in place, there could be another baby boom. In the same realm, there is potential for more paternity cases with the increased amount of births.

A Surge in Divorce Filings

Alternatively, being confined in a small space, coupled with the stress of the pandemic, may lead to an increase in breakups. In China, media reports showed that uncouplings surged in March as spouses came out from the government-mandated lockdowns. They are experiencing a record high in divorce filings, which is also leading to backlogs in government offices. This is a good indicator of where the United States may be in the near future.

Increase in Motions for Child and Spousal Support Modifications

Next to health concerns, economic hardships have impacted many lives. We are seeing an unprecedented amount of unemployment claims, which has had adverse effects on child and spousal support. Parents who pay support may have experienced a loss of income, or they may have lost their jobs completely, leaving them unable to follow orders. If you are in this situation, you may be able to seek modifications.

A Rise in Contempt Actions

Co-parenting with an ex can be extremely challenging, and when there are worries of a pandemic, it only becomes more difficult. Parents may disagree on the best way to protect their children from the virus, resulting in more contempt filings. Relatedly, we may see an increase in juvenile dependency cases for children not being taken care of properly or exposed to the virus negligently.

A Higher Risk for Domestic Violence Victims

Self-isolation orders have forced many victims of domestic violence to be trapped with their abuser. Oftentimes, victims need to be alone and away from their perpetrator before seeking help, but they may find it harder to get aid because of social distancing.

It’s important that you take action with your family law matter sooner rather than later. We know that these are uncertain times, but our attorneys at Law Offices of William L. Geary are here to guide you every step of the way.

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