What Happens When One Parent Takes the Children and Attempts to Hide Them out of State?

One interesting outcome of internet dating and our work in divorce and child custody is the increasing number of “move away” or “relocation” related child custody cases. What happens when one parent takes the children and attempts to move away from central Ohio with them?  Generally speaking, Ohio Courts take a very dim view of a situation where a parent takes the children out of the area without the Court’s permission.  In many cases, the children are ordered returned to the local parent here in Central Ohio, and the parent who attempted to take them away loses part or all of their legal custody of the children.

We had a case where a mother took their children and attempted to hide them from her husband first in New York (where her new “love” from the internet resided), and ultimately in Virginia. We were able to successfully help the father to ultimately find his children and obtain emergency orders for their return.  We subsequently represented him in a lengthy court action, eventually obtaining full custody of the children for our client.

If you hear a rumor that a former spouse is planning to take your child(ren) and leave the area it is important to act immediately. We will pursue an order from the Court to prevent the other parent from taking them out of state.  If they are taken out of the area you must take immediate action to preserve the local venue (the authority of the Ohio Court) for their custody.  We then work to seek their immediate return and ask the court to  create or amend custody orders if necessary to ensure that your children are not relocated without the Court’s permission.

If you are concerned about the move away or relocation of a child, or if your former spouse has already taken the kids you need to act immediately to protect your children, and your interests as a parent. Call (614) 289-1227 and learn about the steps needed to protect your children.

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