The Hague Convention and Your International Divorce

A divorce is complicated and stressful enough, but a divorce crossing international boundaries can make things much more difficult. Are you dealing with the prospect of an international divorce? Did you know that international treaties such as The Hague Convention may be relevant in your case? An Attorney experienced in international divorce and international child custody cases can help you understand how the law applies in other countries and use the latest legal research and complex legal tools to help you reach your goals.

What Does The Hague Convention Mean For My International Divorce?

International family law issues can become extremely complicated very quickly. A legal agreement like The Hague Convention is a tool an attorney experienced in multi state and international jurisdictions can use to assist parents in their international divorce and the family law concerns that come with it. This generally includes child custody and child support obligations. If people re-locate or live in different jurisdictions many different types of law may apply. It can be difficult to determine the proper venue for proceedings and service of process on a parent living in a different jurisdiction is never easy. A local Ohio lawyer may be able to use the Hague Convention to help you protect your parental rights in an international divorce.

Contact a Columbus Family Law Attorney

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