Military Veteran Domestic Problems

On 03.16.14 the program “Sunday Morning” ran a segment on the “Other Casualties of War” or the children and spouses of returning veterans. The program covered the problems created by P.T.S.D sufferers attempting to “re-connect” with their spouses and children and pointed out that not only the veterans may need assistance but also up to 1.5 million children may also need help.

Up to one of of four children of returning veterans may be contemplating suicide. Unfortunately the children may only be able to receive help from the Veterans’ Administration, “if it is deemed to be necessary to the treatment of the veteran.”

In the past, and probably even now, spouses and family members may be afraid to attempt to get returning veterans help, especially if the veteran is still serving in an active duty position.

At the Law Offices of William L. Geary, we work with numerous active duty and other military personnel in relation to their domestic problems and attempt to aid them.

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