Father’s Rights in Columbus, Ohio and Elsewhere – Children’s Rights

Sitting around, not long ago, discussing a case with a potential new client when she mentioned that her husband had retained an attorney who ‘specialized in fathers’ rights.”  At the Law Offices of William L. Geary Co., LPA, we represent fathers, and mothers, grandparents, and others, in custody matters.  Because of that we have experience advocating differing aspects or positions in cases at different times.  This experience, in the words of some, would include dealing with “Fathers’ rights” in Columbus, Ohio and elsewhere.  But there is a problem here…

The problem with approaching a case from the aspect of either “fathers’ rights” or “mother’s rights”, or in fact anything other than the “children’s rights” creates a situation where one is losing sight of the actual real issue and, in fact, the one and most important issue—“the best interest of the children.”

When we think of a case in terms of the “best interest of the children,” doesn’t that really put the case in the proper perspective and the most important perspective? If we must talk about things in terms of “rights,” doesn’t the phrase “best interest of the children” actually imply “children’s rights?”  We believe that it does!

Regardless of which party one represents in a case, the best “view” or perspective of the case can be had from “the children’s point of view.”  We must ask ourselves, “What do the children need?” “To what have the children become accustomed?” “What relationship have the children had with each of their parents?” By starting from that view point one obtains a perspective of which will insure that the arguments made on behalf of a client are solid, and are based upon the real goal of best interests.  Because of that we DO start there.  Everyone should. Law Offices of William L. Geary Co. L.P.A.  (614) 289-1227

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